Where can my child attend school to qualify for education assistance payments?

Students can attend any institution anywhere in the world that qualifies under the Income Tax Act.

What if my child's post-secondary education is subsidized?

Payments are not affected or reduced by student loans, fellowships, scholarships or bursaries.

Can I advance or delay my child's plan?

Yes. If your child is going to college or university sooner than expected, you can apply for an earlier year of maturity. If you know your child isn’t going to start in the year of maturity originally chosen, you can apply to receive payments later. Your Knowledge First Financial Sales Representative can help you understand the options available to you, and whether any of those options include fees.

Does my child need to achieve high grades to qualify?

No, for group plans they simply need to show that they have completed their current academic level and have been accepted into the next academic level of their program.

What if my child doesn't pursue post-secondary education?

If the original child in your plan won’t be eligible for education assistance payments, you can designate another child. Under an Individual Plan, unused investment income can be paid out to the subscriber as an Accumulated Income Payment or transferred to an RRSP, subject to ITA Guidelines. If you are in the Family Group Plan, you can transfer to the Individual Plan before your plan’s maturity date or before the student turns 19 years of age, whichever comes first.

Can I change my method of contribution?

Yes. You can make one-time, monthly or annual deposits.

Can I change the amount of my contribution?

Yes. You can increase or reduce contributions.


What will happen to my Group Plan(s) if I do not return my VOE, prior to the November 1st deadline?

If your VOE is not returned by the deadline, you will forfeit future EAPs.

What sections of the VOE need to be completed to apply for my EAP? Do I need to submit the enclosed VOE?

The Registrar must confirm your full-time acceptance into a qualifying academic year of a recognized program and institution by completing Sections 1, 2 and 3 of our VOE. You must complete and sign Section 4. Some post-secondary institutions provide their own VOE. This form is acceptable as proof of post-secondary enrolment if it includes all the following information:

  • Must be on school letterhead
  • Program name
  • Program length (years/weeks)
  • Program hours (per month/week)
  • Program type (degree/diploma/certificate)
  • Start date of current academic year
  • Attendance (full- or part-time)

Note: If you are submitting a VOE issued by your post-secondary institution, you still must complete and sign Section 4 of our VOE. You or the Registrar may return these two documents by fax or mail, attention “Student Services.”

How will I know that you received my VOE? 

You will receive a confirmation letter by mail approximately five business days from the date it is received. You can also track the status of your VOE and EAP by registering for access to our secure Student Centre  at If after five business days you have not received a confirmation letter or do not see your VOE processed online, please contact the Registrar’s Office to confirm the completed form was returned. Or, call or email Customer Service.

I did not complete the previous academic year/I am taking a year off from studies. What options are available to me?

For Classic, Quebec Classic or Family Group Plans, you may request to delay your EAP up to one calendar year. If you have previously received an EAP, we will require confirmation of your full-time enrolment into your next academic year.

You may delay your EAP online on our secure Student Centre or by completing Section 4 of the VOE using the “Delay” option. Please keep in mind that if you have never received an EAP, you have until the age of 22 to qualify.

What documentation is required if I change programs or institutions?

  • An official transcript from your previous institution confirming successful completion of the previous academic year, or a copy of your diploma or degree AND
  • A VOE completed by you and your current institution confirming
    full-time enrolment in the new institution and/or program

I am only attending a one-year program. Do I qualify for an EAP?

In the Group Plans, students enrolled in a one-year program at a recognized institution are eligible for EAPs upon written confirmation from the Registrar that the:

  • Program is in a series of one-year programs which lead to a degree. EAPs will be approved upon acceptance into the second and third one-year programs, provided that the previous year has been successfully completed
  • One-year program is condensed and/or equivalent to a two or
    more year program. An EAP will be approved upon successful
    completion of the first year (or equivalent to it) of the program

Note: A one-year course that is a prerequisite for a program leading to a degree or post-graduate program would qualify for EAPs.

When will I receive my EAP?

The first installment of your EAP cheque will be issued within two weeks of processing your VOE. The second installment of your EAP cheque will be issued in mid-December.

How Do I Know If I Should Delay?
It is important to delay your EAP this year, if you are:

  • Planning to take time off from Post-Secondary Studies
  • Not advancing to the next academic program year
  • You have not enrolled into post-secondary

Requesting a delay does not impact your ability to receive future EAPs, it simply allows for you to postpone your eligibility for an EAP to the following year. Please visit Student Resources  to read more about delays, and how to qualify for an EAP.

If I do not qualify for an EAP this year what should I do?
If you do not qualify for an EAP, it is imperative that you respond with your request to delay prior to November 1st to ensure your future EAPs are not forfeited. Please register online to request your delay and for non-residents of Canada, please return your VOE with your delay request. 


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