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What would saving $ per week
mean for your child’s education ?

Do you like free money? Thought so.

Do you like free money? Thought so.
Do you like free money? Thought so.
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Student Hub
Prep yourself

What am I good at? What school should I choose? What can I do to get prepped for this important step in my life? You’ve got questions, we’ve got answers.

Succeed at school

Post-secondary school is leveling-up big time! These tips will help you stay focused and develop healthy habits, even when times get tough.

Win at life

This chapter of your life is not just about school; it’s about independence. From advice on moving out, dealing with stress, getting a job, and other life hacks, we’ve got your success in mind!

Know your money

Post-secondary life isn’t cheap! Find your financial footing by understanding your RESP, managing expenses, and other money topics.

Parents + Other Champions
Helping your student succeed

Post-secondary education is closer than you think! What can you do to ensure that your child is prepared for school and for life?

How to save while living your best life

From budgeting to saving, learn how to grow your RESP without jeopardizing the joys of living.

My daughter is finishing university this year DEBT FREE!!!! And my son will soon follow the same way.

Lisa Woolley

London, ON

About Us

Well, let’s start with the fact that we are owned by a not-for-profit foundation that prioritizes student success above all else. The Knowledge First Foundation reinvests profits into scholarships, bursaries and other student resources for our customers. Find out more.

Knowledge First Financial is Canada’s largest RESP Company with a sole focus on Student Success through education savings.

Today, we manage RESPs for more than 535,000 beneficiaries.

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Knowledge First Financial is proud to be recognized as a Great Place to Work.

We’re hiring for several exciting positions. Come join us!
We’re hiring for several exciting positions. Come join us!