7 holiday gift ideas for your child’s teacher

7 holiday gift ideas for your child’s teacher

Teachers are an integral part of a child’s learning and growth, so naturally, many of us want to show appreciation, especially before the holidays.

But teachers can be hard to buy for, especially when most parents don’t know them personally.

So this year, skip the box of chocolates and choose from a few teacher-approved gift ideas that will show your gratitude for their hard work over the school year.

A gift of growth

A small potted plant with a note can be a simple but meaningful gift that a teacher can use to brighten up their home or classroom.

In addition, they can help improve indoor air quality and bring a little touch of nature indoors, which is particularly appealing during the cold winter months.

A similar but more hands-on idea could be a starter garden kit of herb seeds and a planter. These easy-to-grow plants can provide a small harvest—and a reminder of your appreciation—year-round.

Handmade and heartfelt

Some teachers have been in the profession for many years and have received gifts of every kind. For these educators, a student-made craft, card or trinket can mean a lot.

Many teachers report holding on to heartfelt gifts like a carefully composed letter or artwork for years – it’s a good reminder of the difference they can make in a child’s life.

Entertainment options

Teachers are just like us with their downtime, looking for a good book or an enjoyable movie to watch.

So, with some extra time over the winter break, your child’s teacher might like to receive movie tickets or a gift card to a bookstore. These versatile gifts allow the recipient to choose according to their tastes.

A boost of wakefulness

Keeping 20-30 kids in line daily can be a tall order.

Most teachers start their days early and finish late at night after grading papers and prepping lessons. If your child’s teacher is a coffee drinker, a nice mug, gourmet grounds or even a gift card to a nearby cafe can be a nice, indulgent gift.

Health and self-care

With all the cold and flu bugs going around, gifts like hand soap, sanitizer and lotion are practical gifts that are sure to get a lot of use, particularly as we all try to stay extra cautious due to the pandemic.

These items can help keep your favourite teacher and their family healthy over the winter season.

Class necessities

It’s a hard reality that many teachers have to purchase supplies or classroom essentials out of pocket.

If you’re aware of any items that might be running short in your child’s classroom, helping your teacher restock is a very thoughtful gesture. Teachers often source supplies from discount stores, bookshops, or even Amazon, so gift cards to these retailers can work just as well if you’re not sure what they’re looking for.

A lunch “out.”

Most teachers don’t have the luxury of running out at noon to pick up takeout – cafeteria and recess duty means they have to stay at school.

Pandemic restrictions allowing, consider treating your child’s teachers and educational aides to lunch. A pizza or sandwich order could be a nice little treat for school staff who are used to brown-bagging their lunches every day.

While presents for teachers are definitely not a requirement, a small holiday gift can still be an excellent way to remind the hard-working educators in your child’s life that they’re appreciated for everything they do.