Fun gift ideas for children that help with overall development

Fun gift ideas for children that help with overall development

Older kids can be tough to buy for. Children between 8-12 tend to like presents with a bit of a cool factor. And while they may still appreciate some age-appropriate toys, they’re slowly outgrowing dolls and action figures. But just because their wish-list is full of digital gadgets and video games doesn’t mean you can’t still impress them with some lower-tech must-haves this holiday season.

Here are a few fun ideas that both kids and their parents will love!

Graphic novels

These comic-style stories have taken off in popularity over the past few years. Both book lovers and reluctant readers will find much to love in these illustrated tomes.

Graphic novels are a non-intimidating way to introduce tough topics to your kids and help them expand their way of thinking. Your local bookstore will likely have a large selection to choose from, covering a range of subjects, and characters to appeal to your kids.

Subscription boxes

Kids of all ages love receiving mail, and a subscription box is truly a gift that keeps on giving all year round.

These boxes are themed so that you can choose one tailored to your kids’ interests, whether STEM, art, geography or something more niche. Depending on your subscription, a package will arrive monthly or quarterly, filled with reading material and activities in your selected subject to keep your kids busy and curious.


A more unconventional gift, extracurricular lessons or activities can give your child the chance to explore a new interest or hone their skills on a subject they’re already interested in.

They can dabble in a new instrument or sport, finding joy in mastering a new skill while making friends and strengthening their perseverance muscles. And who knows, these lessons could unlock a secret talent your child was never aware they had. It’s perfect for the kid who has everything!

Building and puzzle sets

You’re never too old for puzzles! Even an older child can find a sense of soothing satisfaction from assembling a puzzle, model or Lego set from scratch.

Building sets and jigsaw puzzles come in a variety of difficulty levels, making it easy for you to find one that will fit your kid’s skill and attention span. For something more open-ended, try gear construction sets or marble tracks that can be assembled and reassembled in various configurations.

Board games

Board games are synonymous with family fun—the ideal cozy-night-in activity for the holidays. Kids (and adults) of all ages can enjoy friendly competition while spending quality time with their favourite people.

Newly released board games are often silly, packed with pop-culture references and are great for an evening of laughter. Or you can opt for a classic like Scrabble or Monopoly if you think your kids are up for the challenge!

These gift ideas are fun while helping develop your child’s sense of curiosity, confidence, and creativity—all skills that will serve them well in their future. Best of all, these gift options are versatile, ones your kids can engage with on their own, or with friends and family members, over the holidays and beyond.

Enjoy these gifts with your kids this season and all the memory-making opportunities they bring!