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Online tests to identify your skills and help choose courses

Online tests to identify your skills and help choose courses

Rather than guessing how your skills, interests and personality can translate into a career, take a test.

It sometimes can be overwhelming to pre-determine which role you may be best suited for, especially when on the hunt for a job or choosing courses to further your career path. More and more students, places of employment, and managers alike, are using aptitude tests to find the “right fit.”


What is an aptitude test?

A career aptitude test (or career assessment) is a tool that asks specific questions and gives insights and recommendations for a career path. These tools help to narrow down the plethora of choices out there based on personality and more.


Online Tests Worth Checking Out

There are some online courses and tests that are popular and give impeccable details on personality and career types. In most cases these assessments come with costs and are used by many industries.


DISC Personality Testing

DISC tests are becoming standard in larger organizations. These tests assess various scenarios and how you would respond in those situations. Based on your responses, you are assigned a percentage between 4 personality traits:

  • Dominance – both bold and skeptical
  • Influence – both bold and accepting
  • Steadiness – both cautious and accepting
  • Conscientiousness – both cautious and skeptical

Sites that use DISC testing include the DISC site and 123 Test.



MBTI® (Myers-Briggs Type Indicator) places people into 16 personality types. The test assigns a 4-letter acronym to describe how someone behaves in the workplace and relationships.

Personality types are broken down into:

  • Extroverts (E) or Introverts (I)
  • Sensors (S) or Intuitives (I)
  • Thinkers (T) or Feelers (F)
  • Judgers (J) or Perceivers (P)

Many Fortune 500 companies are known to use this tool. You can take the Myers-Briggs assessment online here.



Motivational Appraisal of Personal Potential Assessment (MAPP) has been around for 20+ years. This career assessment tool gives you a list of the top careers based on your temperament, ability to get along with others, and more.

You can do the test free online but must pay for the results and career directions.



These programs offer an interactive process for help on getting career options and advice for advancement at any age. SkillScan has programs to help anyone from highschool entering college and deciding on majors to adults transitioning careers.


Programs Specific to British Columbians & Canadians

In addition to tests, there are programs and courses that help guide people looking for work, to get started or simply to gain important skills to land their dream job.


Youth Works

The BGC Foundation of South Coast BC offers programs for youths that are looking to gain skills and training to land a job and more. These programs are specifically for those living in the Greater Vancouver area and are free. There are two programs: Employment Now or Youth Works which either train on job functions or job obtaining skills, both offering certifications and one is actually paid!

Other job search sites offer career exploration tools that are free to use. These include:


With so many careers out there, it’s good to know there are options to help narrow your selection down based on your personality and interests.