Message To Our Customers: Navigating the New Normal Together

Over a month has passed since the Coronavirus was declared a pandemic. As the weeks go on, we are slowly getting used to this “new normal”, and many of us are now taking a second look at our goals and plans for 2020.

One thing that is top of mind for many is our financial investments, including RESPs. We understand that during uncertain times it is hard to know what to do. To help guide you through this we have included links to two documents that we think may help; one talks about the importance of staying the course during a time like this, and the other provides some tips on how to invest during uncertain times.

Three Great Things About Your RESP

Why You Should Keep Investing in Your RESP

We at Knowledge First Financial want to reassure you that your decision to invest in a RESP with us was a smart one. We are continuing to invest your funds wisely and safely, just as we always have. We remain committed to serving our customers at full capacity during our continued work-from-home environment. We are also committed to helping our customers manage any financial difficulties during these times and encourage customers to contact us should they be concerned about their RESP investments and continued contributions.

If you have any questions at all, please do not hesitate to reach us by phone, email or live chat.


R. George Hopkinson
President & Chief Executive Officer
Knowledge First Financial Inc.

Keep Investing
Stay Invested
Message To Our Customers: We’re Here For You During COVID-19