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Headed to a Canadian University Next Year? Don’t Forget to Consult the Maclean’s University Rankings

Headed to a Canadian University Next Year? Don’t Forget to Consult the Maclean’s University Rankings

Nov 5, 2019

Anyone planning to head to university in the fall of 2020 should start researching and planning on which universities they may want to apply for today. Depending on the program, some application deadlines may be as early as this coming February, so now is the time to get ready to pick top choices for programs and universities or colleges. A great place to start researching for students planning to attend a Canadian university is the Maclean’s University Rankings website.

Published annually, the Maclean’s University Rankings measures the overall undergraduate experience for students and is based on various factors, including resources, reputation, awards collected and student satisfaction surveys. The magazine groups universities into three major categories: research-based medical/doctoral, comprehensive universities that have a broad spectrum of graduate and undergraduate programs, and undergraduate institutions that tend to be smaller and have fewer post-graduate programs. Depending on a student’s goals and preferences, one of these main categories may be more suitable than the others, so be sure to consider those when assessing overall rankings.

Maclean’s also annually surveys university administrators, guidance counsellors, university faculty and business people from across the country to create their Reputation Rankings. But perhaps one of the most helpful rankings is built on Maclean’s student survey. This year 18,000 university students from across the country participated and gave feedback about their university’s administrative staff, campus life, on-campus living, overall student experience and more.

A post-secondary education is one of the biggest financial investments we can make in ourselves and our children, so doing as much research as possible early on can help students choose the university or college program that best suits their needs and goals.

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