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Benefits of Exposing Children to Music

Benefits of Exposing Children to Music

Apr 30, 2020

Every year in May, Music Monday brings Canadians together in harmony with the joys and benefits of music. Some parents may not realize the full array of benefits that come from exposing children to music at all stages of life. And yes, that includes during pregnancy, too!



There are a couple of reasons why playing music for your baby while they’re still in the womb is popular. Listening to music can be soothing for those who are pregnant and can help parent and baby with bonding early on. Playing music for your baby can also help stimulate the brain, assisting with the growth of important brain structures.



Once babies are born, listening to music can help with an infant’s sensory development and auditory processing abilities. This helps with literacy and math skills later on in their development.


Invigorating music can also motivate your toddler to move, helping with socialization and improving motor skills and coordination. Not to mention, toddlers love to babble. Music can help improve a baby’s vocabulary and mood!


Young children

When children are small, music sparks joy. It helps to inspire creativity, gets them active and teaches patience and discipline if learning instruments is introduced either at school or at home.


Music also helps boost their confidence – learning something new can foster self-confidence and accomplishment. Some children may have difficulty expressing themselves; music can give them an outlet for sharing emotions that they don’t have the ability to fully express.



What teen isn’t into music? As stresses from life and school can be difficult for some youth, music is an excellent outlet for feelings and emotional processing (maybe some teenage angst?).


Much like learning languages, learning to play instruments and playing music is good training for your brain, and helps teens find discipline and confidence that will serve them well as they enter adulthood and post-secondary education. There’s also the added benefit of improving hand-eye coordination from reading sheet music while playing instruments.


As we age

Listening to music can help keep your brain stay young. As a stress reliever, it can help with issues related to blood pressure, insomnia, anxiety and mood regulation. Listening and playing music is like exercise for you brain and is particularly important as we age as it can help improve memory and mental alertness.


Music is not only important for fostering creativity and fun, it helps us express ourselves to the fullest. To learn more about Music Monday, visit
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