Learn About RESPs

Learn About RESPs

About Registered Education Savings Plans

It’s no secret – Canadians parents believe that education opens doors, broadens horizons and enriches lives. Although it comes at a price, post-secondary education isn’t as much a cost as it is an investment – one that returns a wealth of opportunities for a rewarding career.

At Knowledge First Financial, we believe the path to success starts with your decision to save with Registered Education Savings Plan. It’s a smart and proven way to invest in your child’s future that gives you more in the end – more funding for your child’s education and more peace of mind for you.

There are other ways to pay for education: personal savings, student loans, part-time student jobs. But the fact is, no other savings plan offers as much as RESPs. Here are just some of the benefits:

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Maximize your savings with government grants

Only RESPs are eligible for savings incentives like the Canada Education Savings Grant (CESG) worth up to $7,200.

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Tax benefits of an RESP

Tax-deferred earnings on contributions of up to $50,000 per child make RESPs a good vehicle for your savings.

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Starting early means more in the end

The earlier you start saving, the sooner you can take advantage of government grants and compound growth.

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The advantage of a post-secondary education

Whether its trade school, a college diploma or university degree, post-secondary education is an investment with great returns for your child.

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Future Education Costs in Canada to 2037

Having a clear understanding about the costs associated with post-secondary education will help you determine how much to save.

How much it will cost your child?

“We decided our children would have the best opportunities possible. And that meant planning for their future accordingly.”

Monique Coiffard-Lafleur,
Knowledge First Financial customer

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RESPs are the best way to save – but which one is right for you? We can help.    How to choose your RESP