3 things to do with your kids this spring break

3 things to do with your kids this spring break

Spring break often marks a time of adventure, exploration and excitement in many children’s lives. However, as the world continues to battle COVID-19, and families are encouraged to isolate, parents will have to get a little creative when coming up with fun activities to help preoccupy their children and stimulate learning while home.

Here are three fun ideas to help your kids explore and learn even when they’re not in the classroom this year.

Take on an Art Project

Consider coming up with a fun art project for you and your child to do together during spring break. It can be as extravagant as putting a ship into a bottle or as simple as finger painting a series of canvases for the house. There’s something for all walks of life and artistic capabilities.

By taking on a project like this, you can help get the creative juices flowing in your child, stimulating abstract thought all while creating a great, shared memory for you and your child.

Come up with a Science Experiment

There are more experiments that can be done at home than just putting a Mentos into a 2L bottle of soda, building a rocket or making a volcano out of paper maché. Use the internet to research a few jaw-dropping, highly visual scientific experiments that you can do with your kid, sitting them down and choosing one together.

These little experiments can be a great way to spark intellectual curiosity in your child and introduce them to the magic of science from the comfort of your living room table. Just try not to shrink the kids!

DIY Build or Home Renovation

Have you been yearning to build a deck for your backyard or remodel your kitchen for a while?

Consider taking on a small home project with your child. It can be as small as building a bird feeder or as big as painting a room.

By rolling up your sleeves and getting your hands dirty with your child, you can help give them the knowledge and know-how to build and create to their heart’s content, sparking advancements in critical thought and reasoning.

You’ll also instill a sense of satisfaction in them, allowing them to point to something and take pride in the fact that they had a hand in making it, while showing them anything is possible if you set your mind to it.