Three family-friendly activities For March Break fun

Three family-friendly activities For March Break fun

March Break is coming up fast, and the kids can’t wait! But if you’re like many parents, you might be drawing a blank on how to fill the days. After all, what’s enriching, reasonably priced and appealing for the whole family? So whether you’re taking a few days off, the entire week, or just trying to pack in some quality time over the weekends, here are a few family-friendly ideas that are great for kids of all ages.

Start a Project Together

A few days off could be the perfect time to start a project! If you’re handy, a small woodworking activity like building a bookshelf or a toybox could be a good idea. Or, if you’re more design-minded, spearheading your child’s room redecoration plans is something they’re sure to be on board with. These projects help develop math and literacy skills and show them the importance of planning. It’s also an opportunity to learn practical skills like painting and building. For something simpler, consider starting an indoor garden or even a giant puzzle or Lego set. Whatever you choose, it’ll give you and your kids the chance to spend time together productively, working together for the same goal.

Go Wild

See the animals! March is likely to be just warm enough to enjoy some outdoor time again, and checking out some charismatic critters is sure to put a smile on almost any child’s face. While you can always visit one of the major zoos in your area, we suggest putting a little twist on things and visiting something different, like a wildlife center, a reptile zoo or an alpaca farm. These facilities often offer memorable experiences for visitors that allow them to get up close and personal with some of the featured creatures. And with an entire week at your disposal, why visit just one? If your kids are big fans of all things fur and feathers, check out a few of these local zoos and make your March Break animal-themed!

Book a staycation

With restrictions lifting but international travel still a challenge, being a tourist in your own city might be the next best thing. You and your kids can come up with a list of attractions, restaurants and other activities to try out, all within a local drive. With the pandemic-driven downturn in the tourism industry, many hotels offer discounts and perks for booking, which would provide a change of scenery from just staying in the house. No one can argue with clean sheets, room service and daily housekeeping!

With what looks to be a more normal March Break on the horizon, take advantage of this chance to spend some quality time making memories with the kids. Have fun, stay safe and enjoy – it’ll fly by faster than you think.