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Sales reps learn about the RESP industry

Join us while we guide you through the learning process exponentially faster than self-study alone, and connect with peers studying along with you!
Our April RESPDAC Express session registration is now closed.


The Knowledge First Financial’s RESPDAC Express Webinar Series offers learners the amazing opportunity to fast track their studies and registration with the RESP Dealers Association of Canada (“RESPDAC”). During this 3-day series, you will develop an in-depth understanding of the industry and product knowledge that a Sales Representative with Knowledge First Financial must realize to complete both the Knowledge First Financial Product Knowledge Course and the Dealing Representative Proficiency Course. The first two days will cover content, while the last day will be reserved for self-study, Q&A, and your final exam with RESPDAC.

Please note that you will be invoiced for a $100CAD refundable deposit upon registration. We charge a ~ $32CAD fee ($25USD) per student for each exam taken through the RESPDAC Express series. This fee is to cover the cost of the proctoring through Examity. This fee will be automatically deducted from the refundable $100CAD deposit requested upon registration. Upon attending the series and completing the exam, you will receive a refund of ~$68CAD. As a reminder, you attend the RESPDAC Express series but do not attend the final exam, you will not be refunded your deposit.

What will you achieve by attending the series?

  • Fully prepare to successfully pass both the Product and the Dealing Representative Proficiency Course, which is required to become licensed to sell RESPs
  • Have the opportunity to network with fellow peers who are launching their Knowledge First Financial Sales careers at the same time as you
  • Meet Industry Professionals and Subject Matter Experts
  • Gain knowledge required to become a confident advisor and build a solid foundation for your career

What will you learn by attending the Series?

  • Company Knowledge: Learn about Knowledge First Financial’s Mission
  • Product Knowledge: Understand why we believe that the Knowledge First Financial product is the best solution for Canadian families, through basics of government grant programs, review rules surrounding Subscribers and Beneficiaries for RESPs, and discuss key points of the Knowledge First Flex Plan
  • Industry Knowledge: Describe how RESPs work, Recognize legal, regulatory and ethical obligations of a registered Dealing Representative, Explain the importance of saving for education and identify available grant programs and investment products


Who Should Enrol in the Series?
  • Anyone training to become a Knowledge First Financial Sales Representative
  • Anyone who is a registered student for RESPDAC and looking to pass the Knowledge First Financial Product Knowledge and Dealing Representative Proficiency Course
How will you Learn?
  • The Learning Series is a Live Webinar series, led by a Subject Matter Expert and Facilitator
  • It is completely virtual, facilitated through Zoom, in the comfort of your own home
  • Assigned, structured pre-work for maximum learning opportunities
  • Learning activities and frequent knowledge check-ins
Approximate Hours of Study
  • The total hours spent in classroom setting will be 10 hours
  • The recommended pre-work and individual study time invested is 10 -12 hours
What happens when you complete the course
  • On the third day of the series, you will take your RESPDAC Exam
  • Once you pass, please continue to work with your Branch Director or Branch Manager to complete your licensing application so your file can be submitted to your Securities Commission in your home province
  • Upon successful registration with RESPDAC, you will begin the Onboarding journey with Knowledge First Financial as a newly licensed Sales Representative


  • Register
  • Complete the Pre-Read Assignments 👀
  • Show up👍
  • Participate🙂