Student Hub  • Three academic resolutions to make 2022 your best school year ever

Three academic resolutions to make 2022 your best school year ever

Three academic resolutions to make 2022 your best school year ever

The last couple of years has been an enormous challenge for even the most dedicated students. Switching between online classes and in-person learning and changes to school schedules have made it difficult for many of us to have the academic experience that perhaps we had in mind.

But a new year is a new opportunity—one to make the best of the circumstances we’re in and get the most out of school, however it happens to look.

Here are a few ways you can tweak your mindset and work smarter this upcoming year.

Keep up!

Forget about getting ahead!

Simply staying on top of your readings, assignments, and homework is (hopefully) a very achievable goal that will keep you focused and in control of your academic success without stress.

If you don’t already, use a planner to keep track of your timelines and tests. It’s unrealistic to be fully caught up on everything you need to do every day, so schedule in time once every week or two for you to work on things that may have fallen by the wayside.

Aside from meeting all your deadlines, make sure you take the time to fully understand each new concept that’s presented to you in class—you’ll be in better shape come exam time if you’re not struggling to make sense of all the equations covered over the past semester.

Work on your writing skills

“I don’t even have English this semester,” you might be thinking to yourself. However, you’ll likely increase your grades in all your classes if you’re able to communicate clearly and with purpose.

Even math exams can require written explanations for proofs and equations.

Start improving your prose by reviewing the comments and feedback on your past essays. Your teachers or the campus writing clinic can provide you with additional direction or tips on how to tighten up your sentences and paragraphs. Online editing apps can be a great resource to use when polishing up your final drafts. And one last tip: read more! Aside from being an enriching and meaningful way to pass the time, exposing yourself to quality writing can help you improve your own.

Find perspective

We all experience disappointment sometimes. Maybe you’re waitlisted for a course you were hoping to take or received a less than stellar grade on a test. Perhaps, like many of us, you were hoping for a regular high school or post-secondary experience.

It might not always feel realistic to look on the bright side, but finding ways to thrive in difficult situations is a good life skill to build.

Look for ways to manage the situation you’re in—perhaps your study habits need some work, or you can find more information on future class scheduling from the school office. Some things may simply be out of your control, and in these cases, finding a trusted friend, family member or wellness professional to discuss your feelings with can be very helpful.

Doing well in school can help pave the way for your future goals. But it’s only one part of living a fun and happy life! May 2022 be a year where you find academic success and balance, fulfillment, and satisfaction in all that you’re doing.