Mum & Dad - Thank You for the Greatest Gift

Saving for a child’s education is a priority for Canadian families. Here is a wonderful reminder of the rewards that await parents who make the decision to open an RESP when their child is young.

Firstly, Mum and Dad, if you are reading this (which you will because I will make you) – THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU! These 2 wonderful individuals set up an RESP for me 21 years ago. Mum says she was pregnant with me when she started doing research. An RESP saved me from student debt and I was able to just be a student during my 4 years at Queen’s University. This RESP also meant my parents saw an academic future for me beyond high school before I was even born. They gave me the gift of an education without the extra stress of “how am I going to pay for tuition this semester?”. There are thousands of people around the world who are fighting for the opportunity to go to school. It makes me appreciate my parents’ savings and appreciate the wonderful country we live in who believes in the education of its citizens. I’d also like to thank KFF for establishing an organization that allows parents to give their children the opportunity to pursue further education. I encourage more parents to do this for their children. A gift of education, and that too without any student debt, is one of the greatest gifts a child could receive.

Inderpreet Gill
Queen’s University

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