Opening our eyes

Knowledge First Financial sales representatives are dedicated to helping our customers fit education planning into their family budget. Not only are we solely focused on education savings, we are available to meet at your convenience in the location of your choosing to provide advice that is unique to you. Here is one couple’s story.

We’ve been investing with Knowledge First Financial since the birth of each of our two girls. Their advice and customer service has been bar none since the beginning and we have had no issues at all. We were contacted by a Knowledge First sales representative when our first daughter was born.

We knew that we wanted to invest early for her education, but were totally lost in regards to where to invest/how much to invest etc. Our sales representative came to our home and provided us options and opened our eyes as to how much our child’s education will cost when she decides to go off to College/University.

We were floored with how much it was going to cost and we certainly did not want to put that burden on her as we were still paying our own school debts and know how stressful it is.

We wanted our daughters’ future to be stress free in terms of cost of schooling so they could focus attention on their education. We decided to invest all of our baby bonuses from the government each month. We never spent a penny of this money so we never got used to it in our budget. It was a great suggestion and we are able to invest plenty of money each month without spending any of our paychecks. Of course when our second daughter was born we made the same decisions. We would definitely recommend Knowledge First to any new parents or anyone who wants to invest in their future. Everyone at the company has been an absolute joy to deal with and we thank them!

Nathan and Laurie

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