Postgraduate Award Recipient

Financial support for postgraduate studies can be a deciding factor for students who are thinking about continuing their academic journey. Each year, Knowledge First Foundation recognizes this challenge and offers postgraduate awards to students who have benefitted from Knowledge First Financial RESPs. This year, $120,000 was awarded to ten outstanding students to help make their academic dreams possible.

Top award winner Harkanwal Randhawa writes,

Having just completed my first post-secondary degree, I am able to appreciate now more than ever the intense commitment my family has put into both mine and my older brother’s education, and also just how fortunate I have been to have parents that invested in an RESP plan for me from a very young age. Having their endless support, including financial backing, allowed by brother and I to be the first members of our family to attend Canadian universities and pursue all the opportunities that have come with that experience.

It [is] an honour to have the support of a Postgraduate Award from the Knowledge First Foundation to assist me in working toward my [Doctor of Medicine] and helping me continue participating in activities that I hope will contribute in a meaningful way to the lives of those I have the opportunity to meet and work with in the coming years.

Postgraduate Award winners are selected on the basis of their outstanding academic achievement and contributions to community. For application details, visit the Postgraduate Award page; deadline to apply is June 10, 2016.

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