Knowledge First Financial is proud to support families across Canada and help them save for post-secondary education with RESPs.

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  • Mum & Dad - Thank You for the Greatest Gift

    Saving for a child’s education is a priority for Canadian families. Here is a wonderful reminder of the rewards that await parents who make the decision to open an RESP when their child is young.

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  • Savvy Investors Share Their RESP Strategy

    Meet Adele and Dave. New parents of baby Juliette. Adele is a self-described “aggressive investor” who took out an investment loan at the age of 18 and is now comfortable riding the ups and down of the market. When it comes to saving for their daughter’s future education, this young couple agrees – a conservative investment strategy with slow and steady growth is the best approach for them.

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  • Message for Young Families: You’ve Got to Save

    Recently, at a community fair in Paris, Ontario, a customer stopped by our Knowledge First Financial booth to say ‘thank you’ and offer these words of encouragement to young families.

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  • Knowledge First Financial Reviews

    See our recent customer reviews on why our customers save with Knowledge First Financial. Thank you to our customers who have shared their experiences on this page.

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  • Assisting the next generation

    At Knowledge First Financial, we work hard to ensure all parents can save for their children’s post-secondary education. And nothing pleases us more than when we hear how we’ve been able to help.

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Path to Student Success Path to Student Success

Students send a clear message – an RESP makes a huge difference when they attend school.

Best Choice for Saving Best Choice for Saving

Hear how the Coiffard-Lafleurs feel about their decision to save with Knowledge First Financial.

Save Now. More Later. Save Now. More Later.

Howard Besser knows first-hand how you and your child will benefit from planning ahead.

* From time to time we publish testimonials from current or former customers and students. The purpose is to share how individuals have benefitted from their RESP from Knowledge First Financial; it is not intended to represent the views of others. More information about our testimonials policy can be found on our Privacy page.

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