Educational Assistance Payments

Educational Assistance Payments


In a Flex First or Family Single Student Plan?

The benefit of having an individual plan is you choose the amount and timing of your EAPs. You can request an EAP from the time the student is enrolled in a post-secondary program, up to 6 months after it has finished. To request an EAP, simply access your account through our secure login and click Apply For An EAP from the menu.

For more information about requesting an EAP, download our EAP Instruction Sheet.

In a Heritage Plan? August 15 is an important date.

With the Heritage Plan, EAPs must be requested by August 15th. It is fast and easy to do this online through our secure login by clicking Receive Funds From My Account from the menu.

The Income Tax Act applies limits to the withdrawal amounts at the beginning of your student’s studies, as outlined in the chart below.

EAP Withdrawal Limits

Program Type


EAP Withdrawal Limit:

Full-time studies in Canada

At least 3 weeks long with 10 hours of course work per week

First 13 consecutive weeks: $5,000 maximum
After first 13 consecutive weeks: $24,432 maximum*

Part-time studies in Canada

At least 3 weeks long with 12 hours of course work per month

Each 13-week semester: $2,500 maximum

Full-time studies outside of Canada

At least 3 weeks long at a university, or 13 weeks long at a college or other type of educational institution

First 13 consecutive weeks: $5,000 maximum
After first 13 consecutive weeks: $24,432 maximum*

*Based on 2020 data. Indexed annually.

What if your student decides not to pursue a post-secondary education?

It’s important to know that an RESP can remain open for 35 years. That’s good news if your student has decided to postpone or prolong their post-secondary education and they are in an individual plan. But if your student is not going to pursue post-secondary studies in an eligible program or recognized institution, you have other options. You can transfer the plan to another student within the allowable timeframe or you can consider one of the other ways to withdraw funds from your plan. We are here to help you understand the different options.

Program Eligibility

To take advantage of the government grants in your RESP, your student must be enrolled in a qualifying program when funds are withdrawn.

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Your EAP is just a click away!

Simply access your account through our secure login. You can also track the status of your payments.

Reminder! Family Plan and Flex First customers can request an EAP on behalf of their student through the secure login.

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Forms & Resources

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We’re here to help

If you have any questions about withdrawing funds from your RESP from Knowledge First Financial, please contact our Customer Service team.

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