Your RESP insurance policy will change slightly as a result of the plan transfer

As a result of Heritage customers voting in favour of winding up Heritage RESPs and transferring their assets into a Knowledge First Family Single Student Plan in May 2021, Heritage Plans’ insurance coverage will be coming to an end on the date of transfer.

For customers who were enrolled in the optional Heritage insurance plan, we will continue to provide comparable coverage at a lower premium.

Under the Family Single Student insurance plan, customers can expect premiums of 1.7% on any contribution, compared to the 5.0% previously paid under the Heritage insurance plan.

Customers who were not enrolled in the optional Heritage insurance plan will not be required to enroll for Family Single Student insurance plan.

For more information, please see the Family Single Student Plan Education Assistance Agreement which can be accessed at

You can also access your new insurance certificate as well as the terms and conditions of your new insurance policy by creating and logging into your new Knowledge First secure account.

If you have any questions around this change, please call us toll free at 1-800-363-7377 or email us at